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Final Build Is out
The download has been replaced with the final version! 5 more levels, backgrounds on all levels and bugs are fixed. There may still be a few and we would love t...
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Completed Game Coming Soon
We have been working diligently, and hope to have the complete game up for you all within the next week or so. We will also be releasing on Google Play Store an...
For those unable to launch the game
We are sorry to say that for some who download the game their virus blocker denies the download or will not let you open the .exe file. This is an issue that we...
Fixes to come!
We are aware of several bugs within the game. First and foremost, the camera issue on level 2 will be fixed along with backgrounds being added to all levels. We...
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All feedback is requested this game is in development no reply will be denied!!!
started by Eclectic Animation Oct 06, 2017
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